Frequently asked questions

What is a Text Logo?

A Text Logo is a logo that contains primarily text with NO IMAGES. Text Logos are simple, straight to the point, and easily memorized.

What is a Image Logo?

An Image Logo is a logo which primarily focuses on the image. Image logos include vector images as well as text. An example of an image logo is a hair business that contains a vector image of a woman's hair. These give you a grasp of what the company is just by looking at the image.

Do you help with starting a business/brand?

Yes, if you have any questions or are looking to start a brand but dont know where to start please email

Do you offer refunds?

We do not offer refunds of any sort due to projects being custom made. The only case where a refund may be given is if designer is unable to complete project due to personal reasons or illness.

What is a premade logo?

A premade logo is a logo design that has been already created by us. Your business name and brand colors will just be inserted into the design. We offer different premade logo designs in which each design is different.

Do you create custom websites?

Yes, All websites are custom made per clients requests. We can create any design that you would like.